Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be A Huge Confidence Booster!

They say that you never get a second chance at a first impression. Truer words have never been spoken, and your smile speaks for you before you ever do. Look at all the people on television. You’d be hard pressed to find a person in power or a person of repute with bad teeth. And you don’t even have to look that far. Look at the people in your workplace, your college, even at school level. That kid with the elaborate headgear braces is a schoolyard cliché. That lady with the irregularly spaced teeth will never be asked to be the face of the team for a presentation. Hat bride who’s teeth are stained yellow, will have her teeth outshining her pristine white dress on her wedding day.

Its true. Your teeth speak volumes about you. And more and more people are seeing the significance of having good teeth, especially if you want to be successful, or be taken seriously. This can pose a slight problem, since so many habits influence the color and strength of our teeth. Drinking coffee, tea, caffeinated beverages like all the sodas and pops, even flavored candies and sweets, all these erode the teeth and leave stains that simply brushing cant take care of. Rushing, flossing, and using mouthwash are all good habits, but while they may keep your teeth healthy, they wont keep them looking good, past a certain point. And if your teeth look yellow or stained, no matter how much make up you wear or how good your clothes are, people are going to be distracted by your teeth ever single time you open your mouth. You cant solve this by not opening your mouth at all in public, can you?

This is why cosmetic dentistry is the answer to all these problems (see our article about using biocompatible materials for cosmetic dentistry). With the advanced techniques available nowadays, cosmetic dentistry isn’t the overtly visible process it used to be. Near invisible braces, retainers, teeth reshaping, all these can be used to align misshapen or crooked teeth. And even self conscious teenagers can benefit from these advanced procedures too. Ten to fifteen years ago, getting braces was a huge, life changing ordeal, with metallic lugs fitted onto the upper and lower jaws, even those cumbersome metal headgears that movies still make fun of. Getting braces was something you had to live with for 2-3 years, but nowadays braces can be put in, do their job, and taken out in a few months, with a permanent resolution of whatever misalignment they were employed for. The same goes for veneers and caps. Chipped teeth can be a huge setback. Even if the chip isn’t visible, it can still cause erosions of the lining of the mouth and tongue. Now, cosmetic dentistry can take care of this by simple caps, and dental implants. Got a big event coming up? Working in a place that requires you to take the stage on a regular basis? You can go to a dentist and get the stains on your teeth taken off for a fit-for-toothpaste-commercial smile, and it wont even take that long. You no longer need to compromise on your diet or your lifestyle. Making use of cosmetic dentistry helps you have your cake, eat it, and then look good while doing it, too!