Life Line Insurance For Driving Instructors

There are insurance policies available for almost every type of jobs, companies, business, and professions. So, there is also insurance available for driving instructors. This kind of insurance is offered by many insurance companies and brokers all around the world. Considering the nature of the work, there are many different kinds of policies and plans available for driving instructors. These plans are available for both instructors and driving schools who want their instructors to be insured. The plans depend on the income of the instructor and how much they want to invest in the plan.

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Why is it Necessary?

The nature of work of driving instructor is dangerous. The driver, in most cases, is inexperienced and a slightest experience can be prone to accidents which can be injuring and life threatening. To make the profession more secure, Driving Instructor Insurance were introduced. A driving instructor spends more time on the road than any other professional. These types of insurance policies make their future secure. Moreover, knowing that they are insured and their future is secure, this increases the confidence in the instructor and increases their performance at work and allows them to work without any stress in their minds.

Covering the Basic Needs:

The insurance policies designed for driving instructors cover the basic plans. In case a driving instructor gets into accident, the insurance policies covers the medical expenses and the vehicle repair expenses. Apart from this, the other vehicle, if involved in the accident, is also repaired and the expenses are barred by the insurance company. Once a instructor is insured, he or she can perform their job without any risk and with a complete peace of mind.

Additional Options for Secure Future:

Apart from basic plans, the insurance policies also cover additional features. These features depend on the plans and if the instructor is willing to pay a high amount for the insurance plan. Of course, since the benefits are higher, the monthly installment for such insurance plan is also higher as compared to the basic insurance plan. The additional options can be vehicle replacement cost and liabilities cover.

Making it Attractive:

In order to make the insurance policies attractive and allow more and more driving schools and instructors to get insured, there are many attractive features which are offered by insurance companies such as quick and easy claim procedure, no claim bonus, commission earning, and accident cover for both the instructor and the spouse.

How Substantial Motor Traders Insurance Become Expensive?

Lots of motor dealers are working under an insurance plan that’s expensive relating for their business type. Instead, some merchants are working under an insurance policy that does not give sufficient address that is enough to pay for your kinds of challenges associated with their unique company.

Single trading aspects without any certified personnel might be spending money on Staff Liability insurance they don’t need. This optional extra addresses the company for injury the result of an employee since they’re ill or possibly injured. Optional accessories such as this fill the motor industry insurance quote and certainly will be prevented (if inapplicable) in the sign-up phase.

Nevertheless, these accessories could be advantageous to particular motor dealers and may not be removed as ‘cons’. The difference between implementing via a competent agent and trying to get insurance straight is the fact that you’re not satisfied with a KPI drove merchant. The agency may look around on customers, ensuring the particular plan they’re without any unnecessary extras included after is matched entirely.

The customer continues to be in complete control although the agent does the groundwork as well as the small price paid towards the agent is just a small fraction when compared with an overloaded estimate dropping with accessories. Motor Traders Insurance is there for the protection of that broker along with a dealer can assure that the view matches the security value.

The safety is usually contained in a Motor Trade Insurance bundle in a discount. Merchants can decide to guarantee each car independently with Street Dangers safety – although normally, this is more costly.

It’s as much as the broker to determine which vehicles to secure under their MT insurance package. Individual vehicles could be protected in addition to a breakdown vehicle – settling these accessories via a dealer may decrease the possibility of estimates that were overestimated.

What does it guard?

  1. There are certainly a significant amount of various plans that’ll cover some things but the most typical procedures may address:
  2. Harm to all business related vehicles suffered from a team or perhaps a third party.
  3. Damage to all structures inside the areas suffered from a team or maybe a third party.
  4. Profit and injury loss hurt like the flame, flooding, wind damage, etc. from adversities.

Do I want Motor Trade Insurance?

You may take advantage of business auto insurance if your company has something related to automobiles yes. Enter touch with a dealer to discover how intensive your address must be, they’ll use their abilities to ensure your estimate isn’t expensive.

Creating a connection with the insurance agent might pay benefits within the long term because they continually have their attention about the ball, maintaining up customers to date using the cheapest rates for future trading years.

Non-Standard Insurance Market And What It Is For

Auto insurance market consists of two major division including Standard Market and Non-Standard Market. Each exists for a different type of driver as well. The former is for low-risk drivers, which refer to insurance companies’ preferable customers. Although insurers have different requirements or classification methods, ideal clients in a general sense are people with low possibility to file insurance claims. Such customer can be anyone who has clean driving record, excellent premium payment history, good credit score, multiple policies, and students with good grades. They also are eligible for many discounts. On the other hand, the non-standard insurance market is for those with a high possibility of filing claims. Drivers with multiple traffic tickets and history of felony usually have difficulties in purchasing insurance from the standard market, and, therefore, there is a separate market for them. Good2Go Insurance, a subsidiary of American Independent Companies, Inc., is a prime example of a company that specializes in the non-standard market.

Are You High-Risk Driver?

Before every policy renewal, insurance companies will check for your driving record from the DMV’s database. The department writes all traffic violations and tickets on your driving record since the last renewal, and insurers use the data to determine your premium. If you are good drivers with zero tickets, your insurance company may give discounts for the nest policy period. If your record is full of tickets, you may have to pay more for premiums. Even worse, your insurer can cancel your policy. As a high-risk specialist, Good to Go Insurance does not use your driving history to determine premium, approval, and cancellation. The company provides you with the coverage you need, regardless of your previous record. One of the most obvious reasons that get you into high-risk classification is DUI. It is a serious violation because it puts you and everyone else on the road to unnecessary risk of accidents, injuries, or even death. Most companies will cancel your policy because of this, and this is where Good to Go Auto Insurance comes in.

It does not matter if you have been good customers for years; a DUI ticket is a sign of carelessness. Any involvement in accidents in which someone gets severe injuries or death can lead to cancellation, too. Apart from traffic tickets, there are other reasons that put you into high-risk classification, for examples:

  • Being teen driver: for most insurance companies, teen drivers lack experiences on the road. There is a tendency for young drivers to misunderstand road signs, commit speeding, and break traffic rules. Drivers who recently get their license can be high risk as well.
  • Being elderly drivers: 70 years old drivers (or more aged) are also high risk because they no longer have excellent visibility. Such condition leads to potential involvement in the accident.
  • Poor credit history: some companies use credit history to determine approval and cancellation. Someone with bad credit score has tendencies to miss a premium

There are other reasons apart from the above list, but Good to Go Insurance does not put driving record and credit score into account when reviewing your application.

It can be difficult to maintain clean records and get into a low-risk classification. In case you are high risk, Good to Go Auto Insurance does not use any of the above factors. When applying for coverage with the company, you only need to provide basic personal data including your address. Your address plays a significant role because it helps to determine the insurance policy that complies with your state’s regulation. Good2Go Insurance works within some other subsidiaries of American Independent Insurance Companies, Inc. to cover most states in the country. Every state has different rules regarding auto insurance. Some apply no-fault insurance while others do not; the minimum coverage requirement and limit are also different. This is why Good to Go Insurance works with a network of underwriters to make sure you get the proper policy that complies with local laws.


Purchasing insurance policies from non-standard insurance market is more expensive than from the standard counterpart. However, just because you are high risk, it does not mean you cannot have an affordable option. You can always compare prices from different companies. Good2Go Insurance offers various discounts and several payment options to help you manage your expenses despite your high-risk status.

Some of the best discounts from Good2Go Insurance are as follows:

  1. Driver Discounts: this category includes six different cuts and all with easy eligibility requirements. For example, Defensive Driving Course Discount requires only a completion of the course giving 15% off discount. For non-owners, Good2Go Insurance provides up to 25% off on the non-owner
  1. Vehicle Discount: there are three cuts in this category. All that it takes to be eligible is to install safety devices on your vehicles such as text blocking device, airbag, passive restraint, Anti-theft system, and VIN etching. Good2Go Insurance provides up to 15% discount for every eligible vehicle.
  1. Policy Discounts: there are four discounts available; they are multi-car, paid-in-full, renewal, and prior insurance. This category can save up to 40% on the premium.

Besides a variety of discounts,Good2Go Insurance offers some payment options to manage your expenses. The available plans are Economy, Quarterly, and Annual. Economy Plan is a payment method in monthly installment model while Quarterly is a four-month installment. Unlike the other two, Annual Plan is a paid-in-full option up front that comes with 31% discount on the premium.