How to apply for Vietnam Visa from Australia?

If you are an Australian passport holder who is required to travel to Vietnam for tourism or business purpose must apply for a Vietnam Visa for entering the country. For Australians acquiring Vietnam Visa is not too difficult a task as well. It can be acquired wither before traveling to the country from a Vietnam Embassy in Australia or it can be collected against an official approval letter for the visit to the country from the Vietnam Airport.

Filling up visa application

You can get your Vietnam Visa online as well. You would be required to fill up a form online and follow all the procedures and instructions. The Visa application should be made at any feasible time within the 6 months leading to the travel date. Both the ways of application for Visa is very different from each other in terms of the procedures followed.

Thus what is applicable for one may not be applicable for the other then see page. It is also necessary to make sure whether one is looking for a single entry Visa or a multiple entry Visa. The single entry Visa would let you enter the country only once whereas if you have planned to leave Vietnam in between and then return to the country on the same trip, it would require a multiple entry Visa. For a multiple entry Visa, it is necessary to be applied prior to the trip, in Australia.

Things you should know

In order to apply for Visa through the embassy you would require to present your passport, Visa fee, passport sized photograph, reply envelope and the application form which is needed to be downloaded. The Visa Fee should be paid in cash, cheque or money order and marked payable to the Consulate General of the S.R of Vietnam in Sydney.  The fee is $85 for single entry Visa. It can either be mailed at the Sydney embassy address or can be submitted in person as well between 9 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm.

You must look out for scam companies visit their website that offer to arrange for Visa on arriving the Vietnam airport. These might appear to be an easy option but might get you into trouble as well. The Passport should be valid for the next 6 months from your departure day from Vietnam. Visa on arrival is only applicable for those traveling by air only and not if you are planning to travel by sea or land.

You can also get your Vietnam Visa online. That would be a convenient way to get your visa without much hassle.